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Tzivras Taverna from 1933, Argostoli

This family owned and run restaurant is open every day for lunch only from 12pm-5pm and has freshly prepared local dishes which you choose from a buffet style counter. It is an authentic Greek taverna with simple decor and that is the choice of many locals both sitting down and for takeaway meals. 

It is just off the seafront near the Shell petrol station much better than the overpriced restaurants next to the water and so worth finding. The manager and staff are very polite and helpful and the prices are very good. You can choose from the dishes of the day, local Greek dishes, like casserole cooked meats with white and red sauces, as well as big selection of vegetable dishes, like okra, stuffed vegetables and many more.

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Tzivras Taverna |

B. Vandorou 1, Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece
+30 26740 24259