This is our summer!

It starts when you leave…no offence… but this is the truth!

So we take some time off and if the weather is generous, like this year, we become visitors in our own land!


Relaxing for me is sleeping under the stars for a night, waking up by Mr. Makis ideal selection of music, today was Casta Diva by Maria Callas, when the first ray of sun rises behind the hundreds of cypress peaks.

Quickly run into the sea and dive as deep as you can so you can enjoy the shines of the sun as you dive up again.

Get a fresh loaf of bread with some cheese and fresh olives or get a wider selection of snacks on Mr. Makis’s canteen. Spend some time with him to enjoy his calming words and draw a bit of his energy for life.

Then our bodies tired from the stress of the summer will find some relief on the warm and soft rocks of the left and right coast of this unique beach. Emblissi beach!  Natural massage, that lasts all day.

The rocks create hundreds of flat surfaces ideal for lazy sunbathing hours, but as well, hundreds of natural stairs and formations that create exciting walks for the more adventurous ones.



There are many surprises on the way …

An unknown (at least to me) Kefalonian lover has spent some hours to create these interesting sculptures, still standing here reminding the sensitive balance that this land enjoys.

Sun and shadows play an endless game here. Far views of the mainland of Greece are distracted now and then only from the passing boats.


This season was longer that the previous ones…

But even though we are already in the middle of the autumn,  17 of October, today… this land is happy to compensate those who love her!

Thank you for the beautiful day!

So this is our time!

I love you Kefalonia, with all your contradictions, smells and textures, colours and sounds. All the season, every morning, every noon and every night!

Until you come back again, I will be collecting and sharing with you my experiences!