It will be 5 years soon that I moved here, to this unique place. There have been some happy days and some very bad days… but all these 5 years the beauty of Kefalonia was always here to help me overcome and smile.

It is my best friend! It is always standing by me, it is never the same, alternates every moment, as I get bored easily, it gives you energy instead of other places that drag it from you, it offers you special moments for free, it always welcomes you, no invitation needed, it teaches you, it feeds you, it calms you down, it cures your soul, it gives you ideas, it opens your mind, it lets you express yourself without guilt.

Nature is the best psychoanalyst, you just need to dive your body into the ionian sea, dry on the white warm pebbles under the hot sun and things will look much better at once!

Sunsets, starry nights, lush nature, breathtaking landscape, smells, tastes, sounds, colors, traces from the past, clean your thoughts, open your mind, give you energy…