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August 2019 Events

by Sarah O

1st – People’s Culture Day –  Live music, Poros Square, 21:30
Rewind the Band  – a local band playing Greek rock, pop rock and rock ‘n’ roll music. Free

1st & 2nd Annabelle Comes Home, Cine Anny, Argostoli 23:00
The movie will be projected from Thursday 1/08/19 utill Wednesday 2/08/19. Start time 23:00. In English with Greek subtitles

1st & 2nd Toy Story 4, Cine Anny, Argostoli 21:00
The movie will be projected from Thursday 1/08/19 utill Wednesday 2/08/19. Start time 21:00. In English with Greek subtitles

1st – Holy Temple of Dormition of the Theotokos, Lixouri, 04:30
Church service. The women of the parish will offer  sweets and coffee.

1st – Great Archangelical Vespers at the Holy Church of Panagia at Della Portata, Lixouri, 20:00

1st – Great Summer Event organized by the Choir & Mandolinas of Argostoli, Sami Beach, 21:00 
…with the participation of PS Sami “Aegialos” & the Sami Philharmonic of KEDI.KE.

2nd –   “Anakira’s Vira”, Public Culture Evenings, Poros, 22:00 
A magnificent VARKAROLA on the beautiful beach of Poros, with seafood songs and canapés by the Brothers Karaviotis and their choral companionship. 

2nd – Live Music & Traditional and Folk Dancing, Ioannis Fokas Square, Valeriano, 21:00

3rd – Orchestral music live at Closing of the Events of People’s Culture, Poros Square, 21:00
At the  , KEDI.KE. & DK Poros, organize a concert with the popular Kefalonitic performer GERASIMO ANDREATO & his five-member orchestra, with a rich musical program aiming to promote and promote the musical culture of our country. Co-organizing with PIN-PE. Of Kefallinia. 

3rd – Live orchestral music – Maspali Hill, Lixouri, 21:00
Conducted by Panayi Barbati & the Brothers Karaviotis. With singers Antonis Koroneos & Eleni Dave. Entrance 5 € (for financial support of the club)

2nd – 4th – Saristra Festival – Vlachata, Sami
Saristra is a Music & Art Festival that started back in 2012 and takes place on an annual basis in Old Vlachata of Sami in the island of Kefalonia. Click on the title link for the line up. Read my article about the 2018 event 

4th – Cinema Paradiso – Kourkoumelata Starts: 22:00 hrs
…for those who love the beauty and experience of outdoor cinema, movies played under the moon and stars.

4th – 8th Road Race, Fokata, starting point and finish is the church of Ag. Ioannis in Fokata 19:30
All those wishing to participate are kindly requested to be in St. John’s Church from 18:30 to 19:15 for registration. the race is open to all, 550m. Organised by THE AO Fokathon with the Kefallinia Peninsula and KED.D.KE.
Register in advance. Many categories with prizes.
Contact: politistikossyllogosagkona@gmail.com, at +30 6977050224 and +30 6977533958 

5th – Psychedelic Journey at Myrtos Beach, 20:00

5th – Annual Concert of Chamber Music, Akvioi Ikoboteiou Library, Lixouri, 21:00 
The “String Quartet” of the Municipal Conservatory of Patras and D. Dimakopoulos (guitar) present works by A.Vivaldi, L.Boccherini, G.Puccini, J.Brahms, A.Piazzola. G. Mavridis (violin), M. Moraitis (violin), N. Mavridis (viola) G. Kotitsolis (violoncello) participate. Free entrance.

6th – Trasfiguration of Christ in Travliata, Grizata, Poros and Lixouri
Feasts, traditional celebrations. open to all

6th – Annual Feast, Kardakata, Thinia, 20:30 
Music, dancing, food, free entrance

6th – Concert of Mandolina’s, Vallianou Square, Argostoli, 21:15
Conducted by Dionysis Pagoulatos.

6th – Music Festival, Poros, 21:00
Music, dancing and world music celebration. 

7th – Festival of Grape Harvest and Moustalevria, Agia Paraskevi, nr Troinata, 21:00

An amazing celebration in the heart of Robola, with wine, song, dance and food, open to all. Read about our visit there last year

7th – 13th K21 Swim from Kefalonia to Ithaca
Hosted by Swimtrekking

7th – Rewind the Band – Live Music, Agia Efimia, 21:30
Rewind the Band – a local band playing Greek rock, pop rock and rock ‘n’ roll music. Free

8th – Traditional Dancing, at the beach,  Sami, 21:00
“Aegialos”, with the participation of the dance dancer Zervaton “Agios Ioannis”.

9th – Concert of the Philharmonic of Argostoli, Vallianou Square, 21:00

9th – 3rd Colour Festival, Lourdas Beach, 18:00

9th – Sonus Replica (Live Rock), Sesto Koroni Hill, 21:00

9th & 10th – Traditional Festival, Valsamas, Omala 21:00
with plenty of free Robola wine from the Robola Cooperative of Kefalonia. Dance Groups of the ” BALSAMOS “into  the early hours with the orchestra of Makis Papas. Organization: Cultural Association “BALSAMOS”.

10th – Usurum, K63, Argostoli, 22:30

10th – Wine Festival, Mantzavinata Lixouri,  21:00 
Mantzavinata and Vouniou “Kounopetra” invites you to a wine festival with live music, a lot of fun, wine and dancing!

11th – Anniversary of the 1953 earthquakes
Liturgy for the victims of the devastating earthquake in 1953 by Ι.Ν. Agios Spyridonos in Argostoli , accompanied by the Philadelphic Argostoli of KEDI.KE “Dionysios Lavragas”.

11th – Cinema Paradiso – Kourkoumelata Starts: 22:00 hrs
…for those who love the beauty and experience of outdoor cinema, movies played under the moon and stars.

11th –  Shadow Theatre “O KARAGKIOZIS & THE MAGEMENOS DRAKOS”, Xenias Avenue, Argostoli 21:00
Entrance 5 € 

11th – FOKEIA 2019 : 8.3km  Road Race, Valeriano, 20:00
Start & End at Ioannis Fokas Square in Valeriano, as well as a 30m & 60m route for children aged 3-12. Participation Statements at the Games Secretariat from 18:30 Start Time: 20;00 A music program will be followed, supported by KEDI.KE.

11th -The 31st Livathon Road Race 5.1km, Metaxata, 19:00
The route is the established one! Starting from the Monopoly olive tree in Metaxata, heading to St. Paraskevi, turning left onto the road to Travliata, heading to Lakithra, turning left on the way to the airport heading to Sarlata, turning left at Kourkoumelata and finish at Kourkoumelata Stadium. Total distance 5.1 km. More information and OnLine cursor registration at our site: www.leivathonios.com. Attendance at the starting point – registrations: 18:00 Race start: 19:00

11th – Road Race “The Tour of the Tower” 3.5 km , Harakti Square, Sami.
plus 900m shorter route. Registration time: 18:30 & Start  time: 19:00 with the support of KEDI.KE.  

11th -Traditional Feast, Agia Irini,  Poros, 20:30

11th & 12th – Jazz Concerts, Argostoli Philharmonic Building, 19:30

11th-18th – Roland Strabari’s Painting Exhibition in the refurbished Lighthouse on ” Port De Guiskard Faros “, Fiskardo .
Opening Hours: 8.30pm to 11.00pm Under the auspices of KEDI.KE. 

12th – Shadow Theatre “O KARAGKIOZIS & THE MAGEMENOS DRAKOS” Amphitheatre “Gerasimos Pentogalos”, Poros, 21:00
Entrance 5 €  

12th – Narrative with live music,  Kastri Archaeological Site, Sami 20:00
Narration: Virginia Kokkinou Music: Giannis Anthopoulos Argostoli,

12th – Folklore and Agricultural Activities Event, Agonas, 
milking, cheese making, vinification will be painted in vivid, vivid documents in the beautiful village of Agonas. This original event will include exhibitions of folkloric objects, music with traditional instruments, video projection, dancing, dressing with castananda and, of course, necessary dance, by all attendees. Free entrance. Co-organizing Anonas Cultural Association – DECADE

12th – Tribute to 1953 Earthquakes,Korgialenios Historical and Folklore Museum, Argostoli, 20:00
The Korgialenios Historical and Folklore Museum will present two of its latest achievements: A collection of unknown US military photographs that served at the time Fleet and a collection of signals sent by another American soldier, serving as a radio broadcaster, on the situation in Kefalonia and Ithaca after the earthquakes. Speakers: Gifts Markatou, Theotokoula Moulinou, Elias Toumasatos. The event will be framed by a bazaar of books – old publications of the Museum.

12th – Magic Varkarola – Argo and the Argonauts, Lixouri port, 21:15
Boats and music recreating Ancient Greece

13th – Light (Rapper), Carena Bar, Agia Efimia, 22:30

14th – Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Arginia & Pastra
Celebrated by a large numbers of pilgrims; at the church in the tiny settlement of Arginia, high up on the mountainside above the south coast, the church of Panagia Lagouvarda or Fidoussa (of the snakes) is located in the mountainside village of Markopoulo, and the church of Gravaliotissa located in the small mountain village of Pastra.

14th – Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Lixouri, 7:30 & 9.15
Liturgy accompanied by the Lixouri Philharmonic School

14th – Monastery of Adelikon close to Agia Efimia
itany service and panygyri.

15th – Feast of Panagia Haliotata, nr Sami, 21:00

15th & 16th – Feast of Panagia, Komitata, 21:00

15th & 16th The Lion King, Cine Anny, Argostoli, 20:30

15th – 21st The Dead Don’t Die, Cine Anny, Argostoli, 22:30
The movie will be projected from Thursday 15/08/19 utill Wednesday 21/08/19 

16th – St. Gerasimos’ Sacred Relic is moved in a litany procession – St. Gerasimos

16th – St Gerassimos Prossesion in Skala, Agrilia Monastery, Metataxa & Argostoli 
Please check locally for times and services.

16th – Barcarola – music and song, Argostoli Bridge, 21:45pm
from the decorated vessel The Queen Bee, seafood, songs & canadas by the brothers Karaviotis & their choral companionship.

16th  – Annual Pyrgi Feast, Sami, 21:00
with live music, food, fun and dance

17th – Art Exhibition by Kosta Evangelatou, Villa Rodopi Art Collection I.Mesolora 7 & Vironos Argostoli, opening 20:30
“THE TRIANGULAR TREES”, ” LES ROSES” These are paintings of Kostas Evangelatos with roses and human figures that are attributed to a variety of materials and visual arts. Duration of exhibition: 17th August – 7th September. Information: +30 26710 28501, +30 6944621286. 

17th – Traditional Dances, Lixouri, 21:00 
In the area of the cultural club Scania, traditional dances from the dance club “CHOROPOULA “. 

17th – Music Evening with Kefalonitic Cantas and Arriets from Cephalonia cantatres. Riza, Thina, 21:00

17th-18th Robola Wine Festival, Fragata
Free and open to all, dancing, feasting and music

18th – Cinema Paradiso – Kourkoumelata Starts: 22:00 hrs
…for those who love the beauty and experience of outdoor cinema, movies played under the moon and stars.

18th – International Lighthouse Day, Fiskardo 
The lighthouse in Fiskardo will be open to the public all day

Lighthouse and Basilica

18th – Inaugural concert of the band of the Philharmonic, Argostoli Philharmonic Building entrance, 21:30
with the Conservatory strings group & piano, free entrance

20th – Concert, Theater of Kalithea,  Lakithra, 21:00
Philharmonic of Livathos “Charilaos Chorafas” under the direction of the archbishop Gregory Vangelatos and the Choir & Mandolina of Livathos under the direction of Vassilis Kalogrianas. Free entrance

21st – Traditional Feast, Themata Monastray, Pylaros 19:30
a special Pilarian traditional feast with food and live music. 

23rd  – Traditional Festival, Agios Ioannis, Fokata, 21:00
Wine, sardine, music and dance

23rd – Panagia Loutriotissa by the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Sami 20:00, followed at 22:00 with music at the beach

23rd – Swimming Race, Assos 12:30
Information-Entries: + 306944465990 Mr. Spyros Kokolis. Entries must be submitted by Thursday, 23 August at 11:00.

23rd – Concert, Main Square, Lixouri, 21:00
KEDI.KE. presents a concert “From the kantas of yesterday … to the song of today” . A musical journey  with the brothers Karaviotis and their music band. 

24th – The Βarcarolle (or Varkarolla) Festival Assos & Lixouri

In the morning of the 24th there is a litany and procession of his icon from the local church. Later in the evening the old custom of barcarolla takes place in the port of the village. It is one of the most impressive local customs, deriving from the Venetians, as the serenaders get into a beautiful fishing boat parading in the port and sing local songs with their guitars and mandolins surrounded by lighted torches, numerous smaller boats and hundreds of visitors and locals gathering around the coast that night to admire them. Read more about it here

25th – Cinema Paradiso – Kourkoumelata Starts: 22:00 hrs
…for those who love the beauty and experience of outdoor cinema, movies played under the moon and stars.

26th – 29th  “ANASTASIAS CROSSING” – an 81 year old windsurfer makes the 25-mile crossing from Kylinni to Skala
The exact date and time of the crossing will be determined based on the weather conditions

27th – St. Fanourios’s Day The main celebration takes place at Theotokos Sissiotissa

26th & 27th – St. Fanourios’s Day, Saint Nicholas, Lixouri
check dates and times locally

28th – Agios Ioannis (Saint John) Celebration and Traditional Festival, Karavomylos Square, nr Sami, 21:30
Dancing, music, food. Open to all

28th – Agios Ioannis (Saint John) Celebration and Traditional Festival, Ratzakli, 21:30
Dancing, music, food. Open to all

28th – St. John the Baptist ‘s Day, – Karavomylos

28th – St. John the Baptist ‘s Day, – Ratzakli

30th – 1st Sept 5th Ionian Volksfest Kefalonia

Barcarolla, Assos
Fragata Festival
Fragata Festival
Fragata Festival
Goat Stew
Fragata Festival
Fragata Festival

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