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Bavarian Horse Riding Stables

An amazing experience!

Connie, the owner of the Bavarian Horse Riding Stables, is the perfect guide and a great professional. A ride will give you a unique view of Kefalonian nature, you will travel through valleys, hills and woods and you can even swim with the horses!

Connie is a professional Horse Trainer from Germany, and raises 13 Horses for Beginners, Experienced, Young and Old riders. The horses live in open stables like a big family group, so they are calm on the rides, and they ride using English and Western Saddles. Trip’s  last from 1 -4 hours.
You can make a trek to St. Fanentes  riding through the abandoned, pre-earthquake villages, and experienced riders can even end there ride at Sami beach by swimming with the horses.
The stables also provide lessons in Dressage and jumping.

1 hour(25€)
1st possibility: Ride up to the mountains and into the countryside passing olive trees and orchards.
2nd possibility: Ride through a forest to a plateau where there are fantastic views over Sami Bay, and to the islands Ithaka and Lefkada.

1 ½ hrs (35€) or 2 hours (45€)
Ride along an old donkey trail to an old village where where there once was a winery, visit another village ruined by the 1953 earthquake and enjoy the beautiful view over Ithaka and Lefkas.

3 hours( 60€)
1st possibility: Climb up in the mountains until 1000mtr. high to 2-3000 years old olive trees with a breath taking view over the island of Ithaka and Lefkada and the main land, as well as the bay of Sami
2nd possibility: Ride to the monastery Fanentes up to the mountain with a fantastic view over Lefkas and Ithaka.
3 possibility
This ride will take you through 4 old villages destroyed by the 1953 earthquake, with a great view over the valley and the Cyprus tree forest. You will trek through some historic buildings and get a feeling of how life was the Greeks  300 years ago until the big earthquake 1953

4 hours ( 80€)
1st possibility: Ride up to the mountain and then down to the sea for a break. Take the horses into the sea, and,  if you are very experience rider,  you can swim with  your horse.  After that ride back to the stable through a big olive plantation in the valley, continuing along an old donkey trail next to a riverbed with some beautiful old historic buildings and a bridge from seventeen century.
2nd possibility: Ride in the countryside and trek  to an old village, destroyed by the 1953 earthquake.  Again you have a great view over the valley around the area.

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Please mention Kefalonia By Anna when you book a trek and receive your treat!

Bavarian Riding Stable | Cornelia Schimpfky

Zervata, Sami, 281 00, Kefalonia, Greece
+30 6977533203