Panagia of Atros is the oldest monastery of Kefalonia, sits at an altitude of 760 meters above the bay of Poros, 37 km from Argostoli.

Built around the 8th century, it is a rare element of monastic architecture. Until this day the medieval tower is still preserved in good condition. It was destroyed many times by earthquakes and fire. But every time it was damaged, the monks built it again. The earliest reference to the monastery is by the Latin Archbishop of Kefalonia in his 1248 report.

127 monks were killed here by the Saracens in the middle ages. At present, only two monks live in the monastery. It is a very nice walk, a serene landscape, offering some magnificent views of Poros and its harbour and of the Ionian Sea. Of special mention is the sunrise at the monastery. You will see the impressive medieval four-sided tower and the old housing quarters which are preserved to this day.

The monastery is dedicated to the birthday of the Virgin Mary which is celebrated on September 8th, when the monastery turns into a festival ground with the participation of many local residents and visitors.