The spring has come very early this year, it is the beginning of March and the almond trees are already blossomed!

old house with pram filter

Old house with pram

It is exactly a year now that I came to live  at this beautiful village, and even though I walk around it every day,  there is always another point of view!

This time I climbed up above the contemporary buildings and shops, there used to be a trail to come up here, starting at the back of the diving center, but it has not been opened the last years and is thus difficult to walk it without a guide.

The view is beautiful and touching!

Traces of the old life of Agia Efimia and it inhabitants, are everywhere. Abandoned houses (simple and beautiful built with respect to the neighbours and nature, threshing floors, old walls and wells, local plants and flowers, small exposed objects that have survived natural phenomena.

An old pram (a local expert says it is from the belle epoque era!) is still standing in the old house!