Kefalonian Beer & Microbrewery, Karavomilos

Kefalonia by Anna suggests… Kefalonian Beer, Karavomilos Giannis Polixronatos, Kyriakos and Nikos Moraitis the men behind Kefalonian beer and are the creators of Kefalonian and Ithaca microbrewery.   The company’s main concern is to produce fresh, non-pasteurized and high quality beers with exquisite and intense flavored ingredients, hoping that Kefalonian beer can satisfy even the most… Read more

Beers, wines, liqueurs & Tsipouro

BEER Fresh, non-pasteurized beer entered recently on the list of the local products of the island – a lager and a red ale. Led by a young trio of Kefalonian entrepreneurs the Kefalonian and Ithaka micro brewery uses 100% Greek malted barley and Kefalonian water well known for its high quality. WINE The discontinuities in… Read more