A sunny break in a devastating month…

This has been a very strange year, first with Covid-19, and then recently, hurricane Janos and it’s consequent flooding and damage. Even for those of us not greatly affected, the shock of the damage and misery that the flood brought to our village will never be forgotten. The expressions on the faces of our friends… Read more

Driving through Falari to Monastery of the Holy Virgin, Lamia

Driving through Falari on the mountain road to the Monastery of the Holy Virgin, Lamia provides a whole new landscape experience! The road passes through the  steep and rugged mountains, giving glimpses of small enclaves, bee hives and farms. The historic Monastery of the Holy Virgin lies just a few km away from Dilinata village… Read more

The red beach of Xi!

The fine red sand and clay cliff backdrop make a dramatic impression. Probably Kefalonia’s most unusual beach because of the red sand…you can swim in safe, shallow waters, explore the small crevices and caves and apply the clay to your skin, it is said to have incredible medical benefits!     Read more about Xi Beach… Read more

An afternoon swim at Fteri Beach

My friend Maro and I, together with our two sons  took a skippered boat with Cpt Simos from Zola harbour to the breathtaking Fteri Beach! The beach is also accessible via a hiking route but we chose to have a relaxing afternoon… enjoying the crystal clear water, the lush green backdrop between the white textured… Read more

1 min video of my day, Koroni Beach

Feeling the sand between our toes we spent the day relaxing and playing on Koroni Beach. Swimming in the calm and shallow waters beneath a backdrop of greenery.  The day passed so we wandered up to the beach bar and watched in wonder as the sun set. Just enjoying a simple life for a few… Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Waking up at the sunrise, Nikiana Lefkada

We took a short visit to Lefkada to meet up with friends on the Ionian Spirit, a converted traditional wooden fishing boat. We enjoyed a snorkel and swim in the calm and soothing water while absorbing the rays of the beautiful and peaceful sunrise. Nikiana beach has a great restaurant/cafe/bar too, ideal for families and… Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Serenaded at Annoula Beach

Annoula Beach is usually quiet, its partly shaded by the rustling eucalyptus trees. You can reach it from Karavomylos or Sami. Enjoy the view and the sparkling water! Musician Grigoris Ntanis and friends gathered and played live music, accompanied by nature and splashed in the sea, a magical afternoon! As you can hear it was… Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Pessada Beaches

 Today we visited the two little but beautiful beaches of Pessada, surrounded by a backdrop of lush greenery and striking blues… This is an ideal place for low season when it is calmer as the beaches are very small. A relaxing tropical feeling surrounds you and the stunning mountain views of Ainos are breathtaking.  … Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Melissani Lake

Immerse yourself in mythology and let your imagination run wild in the cave of the nymphs;  the beautiful light playing on the water, the deepest and brightest blues, the strange and dramatic rock formations… A special place for children too. Read more about Melissani Lake here

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: A Short Swim in Assos Bay

Admire the Venetian castle and the pretty colourful village from the calmness and tranquility of Assos bay. The curve of the bay provides a safe haven for young swimmers and the crystal clear water offers an inviting opportunity to cool off. The small cove opposite the main beach can offer amazing views of the village… Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Waving Goodbye to Fiskardo!

Leaving Fiskardo by ferry gives a totally different perspective of the village! The colours, the sights and the sounds are a sensory treat! Glide out of the harbour and admire the colourful houses, the rugged coastline, the forested footpath, and the historic lighthouse Read more about Fiskardo village here