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by lukas

Are you dreaming of relaxing, unwinding and tuning out, 
discovering every little mystery and secret on this island, 
exploring Kefalonia, it’s people, it’s culture and it’s landscape?

Planning a few things to do in advance of your holiday can help you make the most of your time in Kefalonia. You can check out our detailed Travel Guide to Kefalonia or take a look at my proposed itineraries.

I have created 3 different itineraries for self guided 7 day tours. Whatever style you may choose you can follow my suggested routes, or just the parts that fascinate you the most.
If you would like a personal guide for some, or all, routes please ask me. 

The Romantic/Relaxing Itinerary is for those craving peace and quiet. Ideal if you want to visit the most important sights of Kefalonia – focusing on the most romantic spots – whilst avoiding overcrowded locations.

The Adventure/Mystery Itinerary
is for those wanting to explore Kefalonia and its unique natural phenomena through alternative ways and activities.

The Family Itinerary
is a mainstream tour for visitors coming with their children (special preference is made for them) or for those that want to enjoy a more simple holiday.

All the above options can be customized to your personal needs and interests. Select the tour/s that appeal to you the most and then contact me with some more details of your budget, length of stay, interests and limitations so I can create a tailor-made experience just for you!

I can also provide ideas and help with planning special days and celebrations.

Choose one of the following tours or try any combination that you like. The routes are planned in a way to group attractions together so as to save you time and petrol.

Enjoy and do not forget to mention Kefalonia by Anna!