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Petrakopoulos Wines, Thiramona

by Anna Votsi

Kefalonia by Anna suggests…

Petrakopoulos Wines

In Thiramona of Cephalonia, Nikos Petrakopoulos continues a family tradition that is rooted back to the Byzantine years and the great families of Melissinos and Solomos. His goal is to put his own stamp in the cultural promotion of Cephalonia and its vineyard and wine abundance, with the exploitation of the natural abilities of the local varieties. The winery produces high-quality wines, in a limited number of bottles. The plant physiology and the geology of the island create many different micro-climas with endless abilities as a result.

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Petrakopoulos Wines |

Thiramona 28086, Elios – Kefalonia, Greece
+30 26710 29716 / +30 6943 07 2889 (contact Kiki Siameli)

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