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Erissos (North)

by Sarah O

The region of Erissos is located in the northernmost part of the island, and is without doubt my favourite region! It is characterised by rolling hills covered with olive and impressive cypress trees, unusual rock formations, outstanding Venetian architecture, and stunning views to other islands and to the mainland. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The most important places in this region include the colourful village of Fiskardo and Assos. Other notable towns are Antipata (here you must call into Picnic for fabulous breakfasts, lunches, snacks and milkshakes!), Mesovounia, Vassilikades and Komitata.

The Greek government has recognised Fiskardo’s uniqueness by declaring it a region of great natural beauty, and protecting it by law. It is a vibrant and cosmopolitan harbour, surrounded by Venetian-style houses painted in pastel colours. During the summer season, the harbour is filled with vessels from small sailing boats to large yachts all nestled together a few feet from seashore restaurants, cafes and bars plus high end souvenir shops. Pop into Liveloula Collection and Emilia Shop for beautiful treats and gifts. Fiskardo Chandlers have a wide range of boating and water sports equipment, as well as tools, footwear and clothing. In Fiskardo stroll along the waterfront and wander between the many restaurants, tavernas and bars. A wide range of cuisine is on offer here, and of course it’s a good place to eat seafood. The prices in Fiskardo are usually a bit higher than the rest of the island.

Fiscardo is also an important ferry terminal and you can get a connection ferry to Lefkada (Nidri – Vasiliki) and Astakos. You can rent a self driven boat for a day at Regina’s boats, a kayak from Fiskardo Kayaks or get a unique marine experience with Ionian Discoveries, and snorkel, visit the nearby beaches and get a lunch on board in a special boat tour or, if the weather permits, discover the north of Ithaca, Afales Gulf. You could also rent an e-bike and cycle around the area with some powered help! Fiscardo at night takes on a special atmosphere, where guests and celebrities stroll along the port with the colourful anchored boats.  The village offers a selection of bars and restaurants where you can take your dinner or just get a drink, have fun or relax! Pop into The Fishbones Bar  or Fiskardo Etc for something a little different.

Assos offers extraordinary scenic beauty, rendering the village an idyllic setting for a relaxing or romantic visit. To visit Assos village it is necessary to have a vehicle as this small lovely place is relatively isolated. The village square is situated near the waterfront and around it you will find Nefeli-Anait Restaurant offering local dishes and amazing views to the harbor and the Assos Castle on the opposite hill.

Spend some time to scroll up to this unique venetian castle as it offers some great sights of both the village as well as of the sunset if you manage to reach the western part of it.  Some great concerts take place on the way up to the castle during the summer season.  On the way back Stop at the Lemon tree shop (owned by the sweet Alexandra) at the center of Assos to get a souvenir to take back home!

There are plenty of things to do and see in the region of Erissos. The beaches are huge attraction in this area; from the isolated and simply stunning Dafnoudi , Kimilia and Emblissi beaches, to the beautiful Alaties with Acqua Alaties Restaurant & Bar and impressive Foki beach where you can relax under the olive trees. Call into Odysseas Taverna located right on the beautiful Agia Jerousalem Beach. Other notable beaches include Horgota and Agia Sofia – they may bring  back memories from your childhood.  Assos has a pebbly beach with shallow waters ideal for children, the sea is always calm here.

For walkers and hikers Erissos is perfect! There are three beautiful paths from Fiskardo, including the easy Faros walk to the Venetian lighthouse and Byzantine Basilica. Also explore the possibility of walking the Drapanitika, Assos village and Castle trail.

There are several places to eat and drink in Erisos. Whilst Fiscardo and Assos offer a large selection of choices, it is nice to visit some of the tavernas in the central villages of the area, in Maganos and Vassilikades.

There are many options for accommodation in the region of Erissos as well. From luxury hotels to rented rooms it has everything to offer, take a look at my selections below.

For more photos on the beauty of the area read my previous post Erissos, the preserved beauty!


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