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Argostoli (Central)

by Sarah O

The region of Argostoli, named after the capital of the island, offers the visitor varied and interesting sights. Located on the west of the main body of Kefalonia, the region is home to the biggest shipping port and the only airport on the island.

Argostoli has a population of 10,633 and it’s largest villages are Razata, Farsa, Dilinata, Faraklata and Kombothekrata.

Since 1757, following a move from Saint George’s Castle (Kastro), Argostoli has been the capital city of Kefalonia. It is also the administrative centre and is strategically located at approx. 45 km from the north, as well as the west and eastern sides of the island. Argostoli was almost completely destroyed during the 1953 earthquakes, yet there are still preserved parts of the architecture of the old city with the typical Venetian mansions. For more information about Argostoli take a look at Argostoli town and Argostoli day tour!

Around the region, and in the capital itself, there are many things to see and do. Further afield in the region Dilinata has an interesting olive museum, and the old village of Farsa, which as well as providing excellent views is worth exploring. The Museum of Natural History at Davgata is located about 5km away from Argostoli centre.

To the east of Argostoli lays the Koutavos Lagoon, once an impassable swamp, with the recently renovated De Bosset bridge. You can explore the lagoon more fully by renting a pedal boat from Argostoli Lagoon Activities.

The coastal road out of Argostoli to the west was known during the Venetian period as the ‘Piccolo Gyro’. On the way you should stop at Katavothres, a unique sight. Further along there is the Agion Theodoron lighthouse (Fanari), named after the small adjacent church and the Memorial dedicated to the Italian soldiers of the Division Aqui. Its easy to explore the region by bicycle or scooter, Ainos Bikes & Scooters provide a wide variety of bicycles to choose from, including childrens.

On the south coast of the Argostoli region you will find the tourist resort of Lassi, and the popular sandy beaches of Makris and Platis Gialos and Gradakia.

There are many places to eat and drink in Argostoli. You can sit and watch the world go by whilst enjoying local cuisine at it’s best. Enjoy some Greek fast food at CrepaLand, cakes, local sweets  and pastries at Voskopoula, or dinner at Draught Grill & Beer House. Il Borgo is another good option, located in Kastro. There are also a couple of unique places to drop into in the back streets, including Down The Rabbit Hole for unusual gifts.

There are many options for accommodation in the region of Argostoli. From luxury hotels to rented rooms it has everything to offer, take a look at my selections below.


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