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Kefalonian Delicacies

  • Sami Farm

    by lukas

    This is a family run farm of 30 acres full of fruits, vegetables, vines a cheese making facility, pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, cows and many more masterpieces of the earth that will surprise you. The family organizes daily visits, you can learn about the procedures, participate, buy their products or just have a meal in their little taverna.

  • Try Anastasia’s & Makis’s traditional Kefalonian specialities of Kefaloniain meat pie & cod pie, cheese pies, vegetable pies, meat pies and  sweet…

  • Riganada Recipe

    by Sarah O

    Riganada was a traditional way of using up very stale bread by combining it with local ingredients. Nowadays we don’t often have…

  • Greek Salad Recipe

    by Sarah O

    Greek salad is a very popular every-day dish, easy to make and synonymous with Greek summer, usually served as a side dish or as part of a meze starter.

  • Tzatziki Recipe

    by Sarah O

    When you have tried home-made tzatziki you’ll never buy it ready-made again! With varying amounts of garlic this is a tasty addition…

  • One of the most well-known traditional products of Kefalonia are the vibrant, deep red, caramelized roasted almonds called Mántoles which traditionally are…

  • Pie making!

    by Anna Votsi

    Kefalonia by Anna suggests… Pie making activities! Would you like to learn the secret of making the perfect Greek pie, have you…