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Travel Guide to Livathos (South)


The region of Livathos lies southwest of Argostoli, on the central south coast of Kefalonia. The landscape is mostly level, with small farms and eucalyptus, olive, palm trees, vegetables and citrus with locals engaging in farming and fishing. One side of the region is dominated by the slopes of the mighty mount Ainos, and rolling fertile valleys while the other is blessed with a magnificent coastline with sandy beaches.

Historically, the Livathos region has strong ties with shipping and many shipping families originate from this part of the island, hence the more ornate and colourful villages in the area.
Its largest towns are Keramies, Karavathos, Moussata, Spartia Peratata, Pesada, Svoronata, Vlachata, Lakithra, Metaxata and the resort of Lourdas.

There are plenty of things to do and see in the region of Livathos. The area has a wealth of historical monuments to visit including the Mycenaean tombs at Mazarakata, Saint Georges Castle, churches and monasteries, beautiful villages and Byrons Rock at Lakithra. There are many places to eat and drink in Livathos, from rustic local tavernas, cafes, bars and snack bars to more elegant dining options. The airport is located in this region and ferries leave from Pessada port for the island of Zakynthos.



The world of bees

For something a little different you could go with Fishing Tourism in Kefalonia “Michalis” for a day out on a boat.

Rent a bicycle from at Trapezaki and explore the area at your leisure.

In the pretty village of Minies you can take a wine tasting tour at Gentilini Winery & Vineyards, and maybe purchase some of their wines for a romantic picnic on the sandy beach there. Near to Avithos beach and at Pessada you can visit other local wineries.

Visit the informal outdoor Cinema Paradiso at Kourkoumelata and enjoy a resurrected tradition from the 1960s and 1970s during the summer months.

Explore the world of beekeeping in Domata.

For adrenalin seekers try Lourdata beach for watersports, speed boat trips and boat rentals.

St. Thomas

Livathos is renowned for having some of the best sandy beaches of the island. Ai Helis, Ammes, Avithos, Lourdas, Trapezaki, Saint Thomas and Paliolinos beaches are all attractive and most beaches here are shallow and sandy and very safe for children.

The hillside resort of Lourdas is quiet and understated and extends down to the long sandy beach which is dotted with tavernas and snack bars, it has a dramatic backdrop with magnificent views of Ainos Mountain.

There are many impressive colourful villages with particular architecture (both old and new) like Kalligata, Kourkoumelata, Metaxata, Svoronata, Pessada, Spartia and Mousata. Taking a drive around the region and you will find many more.

Kaligata has an impressive bell tower which stands at the 18th century church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

In Kourkoumelata you will find the ‘Cultural Centre George and Marie Vergottis’, the Philharmonic Centre, and the local stadium, where concerts and events are held. The square with its lush palm trees and shrine is dedicated to the Vergotis family.

Svoronata is a sleepy village with colourful gardens which retains some traditional charm and is very close to Ammes, Avithos and Ai Helis beaches.

Visit the village with the Church of the Evaggelistria, The Monastery of Saint Andreas Milapidia, with the Byzantine Museum, and the Sissia Monastery and take the down the trail to the beach.

Saint Gerges Castle stands proudly above Peratata. The original castle dates back to 11th century (Byzantine) but most of what is seen today comes from the Venetians who took it from the Turks at the end of 1500 with the aid of the Spanish and the Kefalonians.

Located five kilometers outside Argostoli and towards Pessada, you come across the Mazarakata Tombs, discovered in the early 20th century.

Dias Islet

Dias (Zeus) is a rocky little island named after the ancient altar of Zeus. Today there is a small chapel built on the ruins of the altar, dedicated to Virgin Mary Diotissa or Virgin Mary of Vlaherna, celebrated on the 2nd of July. The Island of Dias less than one mile from the coast can be reached by boat from Pessada or Agia Pelagia ports. You can see the island from Byrons Rock in Lakithra; it is said that whilst sitting on this particular rock some of Lord Byrons great poetry was inspired by the tranquility and beauty of this fabulous observation spot.  The great views to Zakynthos, the Dias Islet and the surrounding area of Livathos evoke a romantic and inspirational atmosphere.

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