Guided by Illustrator, singer, mom Maria

1 day / 2 day / 3 day package

Activities and destinations include:

Book browsing at Korgialenios Library, Argostoli
Trekking through the ruins, Farsa
Cycling adventure to the Cyclopean Walls, Razata
Swimming –via cliff climbing- in “No-Shoes” beach, Pessada
Picnic in the fields in Falari, via Dilinata
Photo safari with coffee pit stop, Lourdata
Musicians’ rehearsal/concert, Metaxata
Cooking games in Museum Hotel George Molfetas, Faraklata
Sunset at Byron’s Rock, Lakithra
Pub Crawl in Argostoli

Travelling arrangement:
You drive your car, and guide leads the way in her own car.

About the tour

‘Off the beaten track’ is an organic tour that would form itself around the people taking it, the weather, and the events that might be happening on the island at the given date. However, its character is based around the less crowded spots, less than obvious beauty in local elements, and the provocation of inspiration. A packed lunch is highly recommended as the guide is known for picking snacks out of your picnic basket. Comfortable clothes, and shoes, and should you own instruments, or drawing materials you are encouraged to have them along. If this tour is bereft of academic and statistical accuracy it compensates in originality and rustic value. The two-day arrangement is the guide’s recommendation to allow for the wild weather chart of this luscious place to range as it might. The three day package includes a nightlife finale. The one day tour is just as fun, getting to meet. There’s a chance of the guide’s kids, two little boys, to be accompanying you in the tour, and through their eyes a dash of extra wonder is promised.

About the guide

Born in Athens, Greece in 1977, she spent 8 years as an art student in the UK after a year spent in the US as a cultural exchange student. A professional storyboard artist (illustrating film scripts prior to filming) she left the city of Athens in 2007 to move to the island of Kefalonia and raise a family. Her constant love of singing came into its own in 2006 when she started contributing vocals to bands and she can’t be made to shut up ever since. She’s a fool for cantonese and mexican food, underground american comics, and italian cinema (italian being another language she’s fluent in).