Koutsoupia beach is located in the eastern part of Kefalonia, along the coastline between Antisamos and Poros. It can only be reached by boat or on foot (approx 3 hours) through a very beautiful trail (more info to be uploaded soon). It is partly sandy at the back and pebbly closer to the water and is ideal for snorkelling as it has beautiful deep green waters providing an interesting underwater world!

Koutsoupia Beach is still an unspoiled beach with no sunbeds or music, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy nature and peace. It is surrounded by lush nature, oaks and cypresses.

If you have a vessel you can reach Koutsoupia by sea, since is located at a short distance from Sami and Antisamos. The day trip boats which start at Skala and Poros usually stop at Koutsoupia for diving and swimming on their route. You can still get here by foot, the route is Antisamos – Poros, which is considered a long distance, but it is relatively easy and in any case, an extremely pleasant path of Kefalonia.

, Koutsoupia beach


The hiking clubs of Kefalonia often organize trips to Koutsoupia early and late in the season. You can join them if you have the correct footwear and clothing, or if you are a good hiker you can try it for yourself. Anavasis hiking maps would help you to find it.

There is not much natural shade at the beach so have this in mind if you decide to visit the beach. Don’t forget water and some snacks as it is a long way back too!!!

, Koutsoupia beach


The above photo by Panagis Kavalieratos was taken early morning at sunrise and not sunset that most would think of!