Goats enjoying the best views of the world!

Goats, my best friends during winter!

Even those from us that do not have the chance to breed them, we come across them so many times during the day, while driving or walking, that we develop some kind of “relationship” with them. I find myself talking to them a lot especially when I go for walks alone or with my son…

Goats are extremely curious, intelligent and so coordinated that hold their balance in the most precarious places. This makes them the only ruminant able to climb trees and not only… Goats live between 15 and 18 years and locally are the main suppliers of milk (that is used as well for cheese and yogurt) and of course meat (as most of traditional kefalonian recipes are made from goat’s meat).

Goats are the most common animal you will come across while touring Kefalonia (approx 10.000 goats live here) and are quite afraid of humans so it is difficult to approach them, but are interesting animals to observe and a great theme for photographers! You can see them on a steep rock, on a beach or on the top of a tree. Local legend says that the goats of Ainos have golden teeth, unfortunately though, it probably is something in their diet that give their teeth a golden colour…



Goats enjoying the best views of the world!