7 Day Tours

Are you dreaming...

just to relax, unplug and tune out,
discover every little mystery and secret on this island,
 explore Kefalonian people, culture and landscape
or just unwind on a luxury retreat?

Planning a few things to do in advance can take out the stress of arriving in a new place. You can touch down and get straight into the action: you can follow the suggested routes or just the parts that fascinates you most.

I have created for you 4 different types of self guided 7 day tours depending on the kind of holidays you want to have. If you want a personal guide for some or all routes please ask for it.

Romantic/Relaxing tour is for those craving for peace and quiet, that want to avoid overcrowded locations but at the same time want to visit the most important sightseeings of Kefalonia with a preference to the most romantic spots.

Adventure/Mystery tour is for those wanting to explore Kefalonia and its unique natural phenomena through alternative ways and activities.

Family is a mainstream tour for visitors coming with their children (special reference is made for them) or simply want to enjoy a more mainstream type of holidays.

Luxury tour is for those wanting to spoil themselves and find their own private paradise. We are now in a position to offer exceptional holidays, of the highest standard. High star accommodation, massage and body treats, private transfers, sailing breaks and loads more.

All the above options can be customized on your personal needs and interest. Choose the tour you like the most and send me some more details on your budget, length of stay, interests and limitations so I can create a tailor-made experience just for you.  I can give you as well ideas on how to plan special days and celebrations.

Choose one of the following or try any combination you like. The routes are planned in a way to group must see attractions as well as save time and petrol.

Enjoy and do not forget to mention Kefalonia by Anna!